Rethink Education​

We are striving to become the world’s most recognized,
independent, community-owned, and decentralized platform for anyone’s personal development

We are now in a Netflix moment of education - the point, where the traditional
education system is about to be disrupted

Senior Portfolio Manager at Credit Suisse

Udao Project

Empower anyone to interact peer-to-peer, share and learn in a sustainable, fair, and independent ecosystem. 

U – You as a global user

DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization

EdTech focuses on commercial models instead of educational models

Professor of Children's Development, United Nations


Project Management and Issuer

Founding team with +20 interdisciplinary experts focused on providing an innovative business design with a sustainable token model

Advisory and Community Building

Experienced board with positions in C-Suite, Top Management, and Government relations


Coaching and Education Experts

Interdisciplinary and international team of training and coaching experts with customers in C-Suite & Top Management in over 60 countries since 1995


Hinterbergstrasse 20, 6312 Steinhausen, Schweiz


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